Our Company

Welcome to E.C Equipment Services

E.C Equipment Services, LLC. We have been servicing all of southeast and southwest Florida and have provided Florida businesses superior quality, services, and parts since 1990. We are the fastest growing full warehouse maintenance service provider. We are proud to service the most popular forklift brands and to provide a standard for forklift and complete warehouse maintenance, always willing to push the envelope and bring our customers the best prices, newest technology, and most innovative methods of servicing. Are values are simple, first to maintain customer satisfaction as at max, and to carry on the family oriented business that we have strived hard to create and sustain by working hard and providing unbeatable services at excellent rate for our customers. This has been the main priority in our business and the key to our success. Through those values we have achieved exceptional customer satisfaction and a reputation for reliability in our business.

We offer customers:

Expertise: Exceptional insight from years in the business and the qualifications to assist you in maintaining your warehouse up and running, assisting clients in selecting the right forklift for your business, magnificent technical support, factory certified technicians, repairs, and parts.

Advanced Technology: The most up-to-date systems and methods of diagnosis to assure that repair is as quick and efficient as ever.
Parts Availability: We’ve got the biggest selection of parts. What you want, and when you want it. We offer huge catalogs filled extensively with in-house and in-state inventories for all makes.

We also assist in the development and creation of warehouse layouts, administering and providing the customer with the you the most optimal way to maximize your space utilization, accessibility, and cost effectiveness.

E.C Equipment Beats the Rest!

 — Victor Conde, Founder of E.C Equipment Services